Oliver Sykes. I'm a northern traveling gypsy that sings for this band called Bring Me The Horizon. I also own a clothing company called Drop Dead. I really like dinosaurs.

If you let go a little, you will have little happiness. Let go a lot and you will have a lot. Let go completely and you will be free.

i’m not going to be happy until hannah has a bump.


no, you asked if Iwas pregnant, and i am not. DO I LOOK PREGNANT TO YOU

we’re!! having!! a!! baby!!

i just made an announcement and you’re still talking about lollipops i-

you can all dispute over suckers and lollipops, but hannah isn’t a sucker, and that’s how she ended up pregnant.

callumlistens replied to your post:GUESS WHAT
You’re pregnant

do you think i would ruin this figure? no, the answer is no.

you all ruined it i’m done

if none of you guess i stg


and will u take care of them and I can just snuggle them and lay on the floor and drown in puGS

yes joshua